Keeping The Visual Alive: What to Know about Eye Issues

There are many possible reasons you have to have an eye removed. Eye cancer is a common problem, as is a severe injury to the eye related to a car accident or a work injury. All of these problems and any other situation where an eye is irreparably damaged means the eye must be removed. Then, it is necessary to consider getting a prosthetic eye.

An eye prosthesis is necessary to keep the shape of the eye and prevent an issue with the eyelids. After an eye is surgically removed, a plastic conformer is put in place to keep the shape of the eyelid. However, once the swelling has gone down from surgery, it is important to get a prosthesis put in. The eye socket needs several weeks to heal from eye removal. After that, it is necessary to work with an ocularist, whose job is to create a prosthesis that matches the eye you have.

Prosthetic eyes need to be polished once a year by the ocularist. It is also a good idea to expect to have to replace the prosthetic eye every five to seven years. This is due to changes in the shape of the eye socket.

Rest assured though, that this process is a very necessary and manageable part of the situation when an injury or health issue occurs that requires the removal of the eye.

There is no reason to be afraid of a situation where you have to have an eye surgically removed. While not ideal, it is still situation that can be managed via surgery and prosthesis so you do not have to be embarrassed in public or limit your interactions with others. Allow yourself the comfort of the times and rely on modern medicine to help you be comfortable in life after cancer or eye trauma.